Senior phase

  • Grade 7
 Intermediate phase

  • Grade 4 – 6
 Foundation phase

  • Grade 1 – 3
 Special classes

  • Level 1 – 3
 Didactic support

  • Grade 1 – 7
 Private afternoon classes

  • Monday – Friday: 13:00 – 16:00
  Parent evening  Support teaching

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Board of control

Voorsitter/Chairman: Mnr./Mr. Raymond Crous Terrein en Regte/Terrain and Law
Ondervoorsitter/Vice-chairperson: Me. Kristy Kleynhans Bemarking/Marketing
Lede/Members: Mnr./Mr.  Kato Mangojane Finansies/Finances
Mnr./Mr. Marvin Masihleho Meublement/Furniture
Me. Michelle Joubert Terrein/Terrain
Mnr./Mr. Lourius Erasmus Geboue/Buildings
Me. Nastassja Jonker Tesourier/Treasurer
Personeel/Staff: Mnr./Mr. Piet Louwrens Sekretaris/Secretary
Me. Renette Ferreira Mamma Komitee/Committee
Nie-Onderwyspersoneel/Non Teaching Staff: Me. Teresa du Plessis Tesourier/Treasurer
Kleuterskool: Me. Daphné de Beer Skoolhoof
Skoolhoof/Principal: Mnr./Mr. Vis van Rensburg

Koppie Alleen Primary School background

Koppie Alleen Primary School opened on 19 January 1998 as a second primary school in Riebeeckstad with only 97 learners, 4 educators, a secretary, a janitor, two workers and an acting principal, Me Rienie Rossouw.

Koppie Alleen Primary was from the beginning, as well as the past two decades the youngest school and has played a positive, sturdy and a competitive role in the Goldfields.

Koppie Alleen is a parallel-medium school with Afrikaans and English as a medium of education from gr.1 to gr.7, support education (remedial), and special education.

We maintain a high standard in academics. The Department of Education has elected us as one of the Top Performing schools in the Free State.

We have an excellent record regarding the Sport- and Cultural area and participate in all the leagues, competitions and activities.

We have highly qualified, dedicated teachers and coaches with experience and expertise at a provincial level.


Management team

Principal Mr Hannes Janse Van Rensburg 082 558 4958
Deputy (acting) Mr Rovaun van Niekerk 082 558 6451
Pre-primary principal Me Daphne De Beer 082 334 6226
Department heads Mr Rovaun van Niekerk 082 558 6451
Me Renette Ferreira 083388 6591
Mr Piet Louwrens 084 206 1208
Foundation Phase Tersia Louwrens 082 334 8692
Me Marike Louw 082 928 5026


School uniform

Compulsory school uniform for boys:
Summer: Short grey pants; white school shirt with badge on the pocket; grey school socks; black school shoes
Winter: Long grey pants; white long-sleeve shirt; school tie; school jersey with embossed badge; grey school socks and black school shoes.
Compulsory school uniform for girls.
Summer School dress; white socks; black school shoes; blue or white ribbons in hair.
Winter Blue slacks or skirts; white long sleeve shirt; school tie; school jersey with embossed badge; black school shoes.

Shop for purchasing school clothes:

07:15 – 07:25
12:30 – 13:30
Long break (learners)

School fees
Parents may choose to pay per month or per year. School fees that have been paid before the end of the 1st term qualify for a discount (one month’s payment). The Governing Body determines the school fees. Monthly School fees are payable in advance, before the 7th of each month over 11 months. All fees must be paid in full before 7 November each year.

Appointment times with staff:

Parents and visitors must please report at the reception. You are welcome to make appointments at the following times.

Mornings: 07:00 – 07:25
Afternoons: 13:30 – 14:00 Gr. 4 – 7
13:30 – 14:00 Gr. 3
13:00 – 14:00 Gr. 1 – 2

Scholar patrol

Pupils are carefully guided across Craib Avenue by the Student Council. The Student Council of Koppie Alleen has been the best in the region for the last few years. While on duty they are assisted by a teacher.

Pre-primary school

Classes at Koppie Alleen Pre-primary school are conducted in a semi-formal manner ensuring a happy transition from home to school. Pre-primary learners qualify for admission to Koppie Alleen primary school.

Join the winning team!


As our Heavenly Father, we want to act with love and compassion to cultivate dignity.


We are a Christian parallel-medium school and bearers of the light of our Heavenly Father
We aim to be a professional, educational institute where children’s God-given talents are developed :

• Teach and apply Standard Christian values
• Achieving high academic standards
• Create a passion for sports and culture
• Cultivate a pride and loyalty in everyone
• Apply strict discipline with tenderness